Four Must Ask Questions Before You Plan Your Year

We develop a commitment to what we spend time on, the more time invested the deeper the commitment.  Defining what you really want is crucial. I mean this needs to be crystal clear, in order to set resolutions that are realized.  What would make your life, or your work, or go big both, deeply meaningful to you? If you are not clear about the big picture of what you want, you’ll get bogged down by all that could be, tripped up by details, lose your place or worse decide to toss all your efforts out the window.  There is no single best definition of a meaningful life or meaningful work. What shows up in yours should be a reflection of what you value most and what calls to you most ardently.

“Everyone should carefully observe

which way his heart draws him,

and then choose that way

with all his strength.”

                                                  ~ Hasidic Saying

The more deeply anchored in who you are at your core and what brings the real meaning to your life, the more energy you have to push forward. So what is it you desire to be of lasting impact that has significance to you?  We all make a significant lasting impact, or can choose to, in the sphere of our influence. Sometimes we make a lasting impact that was not intended, might as well go for what we intend.

You can put your best work forth and make a lasting impact by using your signature strengths, your unique attributes, and most deeply held values in service of your big picture.  Whether your work is as a solo business owner, in the c-suite, as an employee or at home. You get the outcomes you want when you take specific actions that build from your strengths, are supported by your attitude and are rooted in the callings of your heart. Getting to really big outcomes takes moxie. Moxie comes from being clear and unwavering about the callings of your heart.

Four Questions to Plan An Extraordinary Year

I use these four questions to plan my year, usually in December because I want to be focused, ready to embrace the possibilities of a New Year on January 1. (Well maybe January 2).  The answers I come up result in a plan for making the New Year extraordinary.

  1. What am I longing for in my life? Not what you need to do, but what you are yearning for from the marrow of your bones. What is it you would most like to experience or feel in 2012? Your answer is the motivating force for the choices you make, and subsequent outcomes you get.  Your answer points to a course of action whether you want travel to Europe, increase the impact of your business, let go of the mental baggage you have been carrying around or get into the shape of you life.  When you are clear about the deeper reason behind your intent, the more powerful your actions will be on the practical level.
  2. What can I reach for that will meet that longing? Not what is the pie in the sky I can’t possibly ever get there reach. Rather the stretch that if you made, to the best of your abilities would indeed meet this yen of yours. Is it to be the best provider possible for your family, customers or employees? Maybe it is to step into a new role professionally? Could it be to preserve time for your own creative work?
  3. What would need to be true for me to meet that longing? Your answer might encompass any number of things. You might need to acquire new skills, or strengthen existing ones. You might need to let go of patterns of thinking that no long serve you well. You might just find that you have everything in place, but need to make use of the resources available to you. Maybe you need to stop being scared of you.
  4. What will give me the courage to reach for more? This is not about bragging or smugness. It is about standing firm in your intent and the sense of your own value. It is what will help you find your mojo, your chutzpah, so you remain unwavering in even moments of doubt or challenge. Maybe you are tired of being afraid of what people might thing of the whole, real you?  Maybe it is just the time to start now untangling the knots in your life.

This year I want to help you have an extraordinary year, so I am offering a limited number of complementary “My Extraordinary Year” discovery sessions.  If you are:

  • Ready to stop chasing balance and start finding fulfillment
  • Ready to get of a rut
  • Want the courage to claim time for yourself
  • Longing to get in sync with what calls most deeply from your heart

Take me up on the offer for a complementary  “My Extraordinary Year” discovery session. These are first come first serve. There are only 20 available.

During the 30-minute session we will do three things. First create a clear vision about what you really want. Then we will explore obstacles that are getting in your way. Finally we will outline the next steps you can take to move forward. These will be scheduled between January 4 and January 20, 2012.

Make 2012 the year to reconnect to the light inside you and live by your most deeply held truths.  One of my clients said it best, “I am beyond thrilled to be realistically, authentically in touch with who I am. I have tools to understand my own person and the gifts that are uniquely mine. I am not fearful of myself any more.”– Banking VP, November 2011. Now that is a great foundation for her 2012.

I invite you to book your “My Extraordinary Year” discovery session now.


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