Roar and break the evil grip of fear

The grip of our fears can be strong.  Napoleon Hill named six basic fears: fear of poverty, fear of criticism, fear of old age, fear of dying, fear of illness and fear of losing love. They need to be faced head on in order to release the grip they have on you.

Accept yourself on faith, that you are enough, capable and deserving. You can address your fears head on. You will stop avoid doing the things that will give the most back.  You will not get stuck in “I can’t” or “as soon as” states.  You can stop dulling yourself with too much ease, or letting yourself off the hook by making excuses. If you are prone to working three times as hard as everyone else to prove yourself, you’ll stop. If you fill your life with symbols of success that leave you still feeling hollow, you lose that need.  Why is this important?  Trying to live only one side of the coin of life, too much achievement or too much enjoyment does not work.  You need both achievement and enjoyment to be truly successful.

The impulse to protect ourselves from pain sets up arbitrary boundaries. Limiting thoughts and beliefs creep up and become habitual with our fears. To complicate matters we’ll believe those limitations as gospel truth even when presented with overwhelming evidence that shatters the illusion of limitations. We stay small and like the Cowardly Lion forget we have heart. We have courage, which is acting in the face of the unknown.

This keeps you from living and working in alignment with your core spirit. Your signature strengths, your natural assets and your most sacredly held values can be at the worst squandered and at the least underused.

Go roar today.

It is time to rekindle your hope, your mojo, especially when you are in the middle of chaos. Time to stop being blocked by fears. Fears like someone will take all your secrets. Fear of not being capable, or worthy. Not being able to pay the bills. Of growing old or infirm.  Fear of criticism.  That you will not know all of the answers. Criticism is often a projection of what others think of themselves. Your bravery to act in the face of your fears stirs up failure in others.

Once you name your basic fear you can claim both your passion and your power to act.  Better yet, you feel compassion for others’ anger, as well as for yourself. You are less critical of yourself and others. You clearly see the difference between healthy fear that warns of real dangers and fears that limit you with artificial boundaries. You ask for what you need, do what needs to be done and get to where you want to be. You forgive yourself and others.

A truly passionate, fulfilled deeply satisfied hopeful person feels remorse and sorrow for her transgressions. She is unafraid to confront them and then forgive. When you forgive, you are the greatest beneficiary, you are free to move into the future.  Emotional pain may linger but eventually you’ll feel all you need to feel (All cried out) about the past. Because you accept it for what it was and choose to move forward. If not you remain stuck, unable to commit to what you want versus what you are stuck with and don’t want.

Once you name that deep dark fear it loosens it’s grip on your mind. You use both sides of your mind to weigh matters and make decisions. Mindfully cultivating both the right side (creative, innovating, non-linear, feeling) and left side (practical, linear, analytic) of your brain opens up your ability to quickly act on your hunches and focus on practical possibilities. Your decisions become easier to make, even the difficult ones. Your actions are more powerful on a  practical level. But to get the most from you right side of the brain, which for most of us, does not get as much use as the left side, you have to experiment with it without judging your feelings or ideas. Both sides of your brain are needed to make wise decisions.

The right side of your brain is the source of your dreams, inspirations and insights. The left side is the process center for these and can either accept or reject them.  When you focus on what interests you then your mind and your feelings work best together – there is a real synergy. Really what could be more wonderful than making the most of your divinely given attributes, your signature strengths as well as what calls some strongly from your heart?


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