Do Fewer Things This Summer

Phew! Do you feel like you’ve been running at top speed over the past few weeks?

May was a busy month here too. My husband and I both celebrated birthdays and a big wedding anniversary, ten years is a milestone. He wrapped up the Spring Semester and participated in five graduation ceremonies at the college.

I completed an intensive certification program in social and emotional intelligence, and I am now a Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach® (more on that soon).

And I started as co-chair of a Leadership program (more about that in the future too).

Summer is for Simplifying
So when a colleague of mine remarked “The gift of summer is to take time to simplify what you are doing.” struck a chord. Well, it was more like a gong.

Think of this as streamlining what you are doing so that you can keep a steady gentle momentum while building up energy and ideas for the busy times that come in the fall.

I know when I simplify I get more done. And what I do is better in every sense of the word: focused, productive, a pleasure, interesting, satisfying. At least one of those descriptors apply.

Try This
My colleague, Isabel, posed two questions that get at the heart of deciding where to start simplifying.

  1. What small change could I make in my work to be able to focus more on what I most enjoy or am most interested in?
  2. What small change could I make in my personal life to be able to focus more on what I most enjoy or restores me?

Yes, you might have total control over what you do at work or at home, but you do some amount of control. And there is something small you can do. Maybe you decide to stop spending an extra 20 throughout the day minute gossiping at the coffee machine so that you can leave the office on time.

I’ve got some ideas on what I could do to simply. How about you? I’d love to hear your ideas,just put them in the comment section.


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