I’m Putting My Best Foot Forward Too

Yesterday, I spoke about putting your best foot forward by tapping into your best-of-self traits to grow and achieve through your life. ((insert link to previous day’s post))  I’ve loved developing this view of work with clients and that has inspired me to step out with my best foot forward too.

Here are three ways I’m doing this:

New Website:

You’ll get a deeper look at my coaching services that are deeply rooted in usWebsite ScreenShoting your best-of-self traits as strengths (versus putting all of you energy into defining and filling the gaps of deficits). Please take a peek at it.

New Workbook:

I’ve created a new workbook, 7 Rules for Making a Life, Not Just a Living, that will walk you through a process designed to help Workbook Coveryou identify your best-of-self traits and create practical ways to apply them so you can put your best foot forward too.  

Radio Program:

Later this month, I’ll be a guest on Life Potentials with Diantha S. Harris’ on Within Radio. I’ll talk about how you can make the most of your best-of-self traits.  Tune in February 27 at 8 pm ET here. The link won’t be live until Feb. 27  – –  and my interview will be available for replay and download on Feb. 28.






And I’ve something else that will help you make the most of your best-of-self traits,  more on that soon.


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