How to Put Your Best Foot Forward (Even with Two Left Feet)

A new day is an opportunity to put your best foot forward. To share who you are and what you have to offer through your work, family and community.  Act your best. Think at your highest level.  Feel your finest.

Sometimes You Have Two Left Feet

At least to try to – you’re human and some days you don’t show up like know you really can. You put off picking up the phone to reconnect with a customer. You lose your cool in a meeting.  You don’t speak up when you have an idea. Or you take the easy path because you’re scared, bored or tired.

But other days it all comes together. You’re in the zone- doing your best work on an interesting project or facilitating a department meeting like you’re a well shorn Gene Kelly dancing in the rain.

Finding Your Best Foot to Put Forward

When you’ve tapped into the extraordinary place where your best-of-self traits are matched with the task at hand what you are doing just feel right.  The intensity and quality of your efforts is right on the mark. Who you are at your core and at your best it shows without pretense.

That’s when you put your best foot forward as a professional and as a person.

Your best-of-self traits are the character traits that make you are. They are reflected in your feelings, thoughts and actions and can be refined by skills and knowledge. When using them, your mind is at ease, engaged and excited.  Using your best-of-self traits helps you to remain nimble, grow and achieve throughout the course of your life.

Help For Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Over the last year, I’ve developed a specialty in my coaching practice helping professionals connect their best-of-self traits to purpose (self-expression) and possibility (growth) in their professional and personal lives.

Like, James, using his innate kindness to revamp his management style. Shifting from being the “too nice boss” to becoming a leader who inspires staff by holding them accountable and recognizing their best efforts. Kindness takes the generosity and the willingness to do and say the difficult things, as well as, the easy things.

So how are you going to put your best foot forward today?



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