You Should Get Some Holiday Spirit (even if you’re a hum-bug)

A few weeks ago I was listening to an OnBeing interview with the Indigo Girls and one of them (Emily Saliers, I think) something along the lines of spirit is not mental and that being in your body takes you out of your head.

This notion has stuck with me as we enter the heart of the holiday season. With our to-do list of cards, presents and wrapping things up before the end of the year, we spend a lot of time getting things done.

You’re there looking at the holiday lights but not really, because you’re thinking about the next 3 gifts you need to get.

But the present, NOW, is when you can plug into your world and the spirit of what’s happening. Pausing to completely take in what is happening around you. To pause is a verb. You must choose to get out of your head and soak-up the spirit.

Spirit is an Attitude and Atmosphere

 “Spirit“ has several definitions: essence, courage, will, character, disposition, mood and more.

 It’s an attitude and an atmosphere.

There’s a lot of spirit this time of year.

Holiday spirit is not the cinnamon scented candles or cookies.

It’s the positive feeling you experience on vacation and during periods such as the winter holiday period. When you supposedly slow down (regardless of which creed you look to for inspiration and guidance) look to appreciate the excellent and beauty in the mundane.

It’s the Act of Seeing Excellence and Beauty in the Mundane

To appreciate who and what is in your world for what they are. Not what you hopes are for them or what you wish they were like, but just as they are.

To recognize the value of the small things in life. The simple pleasures. The every day task well done.

 Yes, I know that sounds trite. But it’s important.

That Leads to Bright Spirits and Good Health

Appreciation of beauty and excellence is associated with life satisfaction and good mental health. Those little moments add up and have exponential power.

To see those moments you need to pause and focus on what you are actually touching, or smelling or seeing, without immediately judging it. Give it a quick minute to reveal its nuances and wonders.

Paying attention to what and who is  around you, what’s spectacular or beautiful is like being able to can some of the spirit to open it later in the year. May you have many jars in your cabinets.



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