What I Learned This Summer

Looking at grains of sands is revealing, hard, and inspiring.

Work is an act of creation.

Sometimes work is like creating a beach, grain of sand by grain of sand.

Work is an Act of Creation

I’ve been deep into a writing project that’s pushed me to create a new way to present what I do for a living to the world.

It’s been like sorting through great wet masses of clumped sand, shifting and shifting until the right grain or two fall out. Then placing those together and repeating until there is a beach I think is a beautiful. From time to time, inviting others to take a look at what I am creating and suffering the consequences. “Love it.” “I don’t like it.” Where are the sea grasses?”

Creating is  an extension of you. Work is an act of creation. We make something when we work. Sales. Books. Lesson plans. Work is an extension of you. Or it can be.

My business is an extension of me. But it is not the whole of me. Nor is any 1-grain or a 17-grain clump of sand me.

People’s Response to Your Creation is Not about You (Or your Worthiness)

Not everyone is going to adore the same music, whiskey or beaches as I do.  Not everyone will like what I create.  How much other people understand, embrace or reject of my work, is just that and it’s about my approach.  Not me as a person.

It’s hard not to take it too personally when someone dismisses or rejects that which is a an extension you. It can feel like a dismissal of your worth. It can be easier to muddle in the middle. Or try to fade into the background. Or FORCE your way to the front.

How You Embrace Creating is About You and Your Self-worth

The courageous choice is creating in the face of the possibility people (you really wish would) do not get what you create. What’s important to wrap your head and heart around diving into the process of creating in your way, at your pace. And have the brass ovaries (or whatever you’ve got) to share that creation with the world.

If you are looking at your own gains of sand here are a few tips:

  • Pack some band-aids and salve for the cuts and scrapes you get from picking up and placing all those grains of sand.
  • Remember to look up, stretch and take in the whole as it’s developing.
  • Ask trusted advisers who will be lovingly unvarnished with you to assess what you’re creating, listen to their feedback and continue to listen to your instinct.
  • And for heaven’s sake pack some whiskey (or something) to make a toast each day what you discover and what you shape and always who you are.

What did you learn this summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Ps: My heart will always belong with beaches of grey sand with outcroppings of rocks, pebbles and dunes pegged by sea roses, grasses and beach-peas


One thought on “What I Learned This Summer

  1. This summer I learned how awesome it is to love and be loved!! Marriage is an amazing thing! I also learned that working outside the home part time and inside the home, well, full time, is just as difficult as working a high stress professional job full-time. Neither is easy. There are seasons in life to enjoy. I miss my high stress job and can’t wait for the next, so I can hire a maid! You talked about creating, and creating something, anything is amazing. We’re creating a business also, the business of family and a home filled with love through a handmade quilt and hand painted art on the walls 😉

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