How One Leader Made Her Softest Skill Her Strongest Asset

Kat’s a rising leader in her state and in her field. She’s whip smart, down to earth, generous and one of the most social people around. Kat instinctively reads people and knows how to relate to them, making them welcome and at ease. And she gets the best out of them.

That makes complete sense; social intelligence is her number one signature strength.

Honestly, if you looked up the phrase in the dictionary, Kat’s picture ought to be next to it.

Kat gives networking a good name, using her ability to connect to help others realize their success.

And that is superb.

Except for one thing on her mind . . .

A Nagging I Wonder How To

“I wish I could figure out how to use my love of networking to make a living.”

Great question. How do you make a strength – that seems soft or squishy- the foundation from which to build a successful self-supporting career?

Squishy Can Become A Solid Foundation

And that’s what Kat and I are delving into. Spotlighting strategies for connecting with people that:

  1. highlight her special insights and experiences, and
  2. fit with what is important to her as a person.

These strategies accelerate her ability to build a career firmly grounded in her number one strength.

Kat’s got stories to tell as a woman in a technical field, and as young successful professional, her tales have wisdom for others.

She comes alive around people and other people’s successes are important to her as her own.

So, telling her tales and sharing her insights is a way of helping others and gives her more opportunities to connect.

Solidifying A Soft Skill

She’s scouting speaking opportunities at young professional groups. And she’s writing articles for trade and professional organization publications, and local news outlets.

Kat’s putting her natural ability to good use in a statewide leadership program, helping to link people based 100’s of miles apart, and from very different sectors, together. Rooting stronger relationships for the benefit of many.

That’s just the beginning of how she can use her natural strength to build a satisfying career.

And better yet, she’s realizing her calling, to connect people and bring everyone forward.

Why I am I Telling You About This

Knowing and using your signature strengths helps you to be amazing (Yes, you are amazing even if you don’t feel it this moment) because you shine a light on what’s best about you. And that makes what you do and who you are amazing.

The research backs it up.

The world needs you to do your best work and be your best self. And so do you.


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