Honor Your Deeply Rooted Wants

How you spend your time and energy is most rewarding when it’s deeply rooted in what matters to you most. No one else is going to shape the life you want for you. No one else will be able to feel what pluses in the very marrow of your bones.  There will be extraordinarily generous people who will cheer you on, or lend you a hand, but this is your path to take.  Make sure you know what’s prompting you to do what you do each day, by honoring your deeply rooted wants.

This is your first sneak peek at a brand spanking new workbook I am creating for you.

I coach amazing professionals. Successful, creative, generous, smart, talented people.

Accomplished individuals each, but too often they don’t know how – or if – they are getting the right things done.

So they can do their best work without sacrificing their families, their health or interests and activities that give them an identity and restoration outside of work.

I promise you it does not need to stay that way.

You need a process to figure out how to do this.

And that’s why I am developing this workbook.  It will have rules, like Honor Your Deeply Rooted Wants, to guide you. Each rule will have a few questions for you to consider, and a charge for you, to help apply these ideas to your daily life.


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