Can You Learn To Love Exercise?

This is a guest post from Clint Barr, Raising the Barr Fitness. As a personal coach with additional training in health and wellness coaching supporting your physical well-being as part of your total well-being is important to me. I found exercises I love and hope you do too. We know that exercise is great for reducing stress and clearing your mind. Those both position you to get more out of your life, including your work.

You know you need to exercise, but you just can’t stand the idea of getting into a boring, grueling routine. If you’re really ready to get into shape, you can make it happen by taking a different approach to working out. The simple truth is you don’t need to slave away on a treadmill to enjoy results. Exercise is often what you make it. Be creative and you can even learn to love it!

So, how can you get the results you want without chaining yourself to a treadmill or doing 200 sit-ups a day?

The first thing you need to do is change your thinking about working out. Working out doesn’t have to be a dirty verb in your vocabulary. Consider this term to mean simply being active. A “workout” can technically involve any activity that gets you up and moving around. You can even “workout” and have fun, too. Really!

Here’s how!

Ask yourself these things:

  • What do you like doing? – Are there physical activities that you actually enjoy? Perhaps you love to play ball with your kids. Maybe swimming is a favorite pastime? It might be that you really enjoy taking brisk walks with your dog. Whatever it is, build your “workout” routine around that activity.
  • What are your goals? – Set very realistic, attainable goals to lead yourself down the path to weight loss and exercise success. Reaching even the smallest of goals can boost your esteem and encourage you to go even farther.
  • Do I have 30 minutes a few days a week? – Exercising effectively doesn’t call for setting aside hours a day, every day in a week to make real changes happen. All you really need is about 30 minutes, five days a week to put yourself on the right path. If you’re having fun playing ball, swimming or doing something else enjoyable, you will stick with the program.

A good “workout” doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration. The fact of the matter is there are many different activities that can help you get into shape and lose weight, too. Getting the best and most consistent results often calls for thinking out of the box and finding activities that you truly enjoy. Remember, you can even mix things up and still get results. You might, for example, play ball on a Monday, go swimming on Wednesday, take part in a kick boxing class at a local gym on Friday and so on.

If it’s time to change the way you think about exercise, explore the real possibilities. They are not as boring as you’ve been led to believe! Check with a Jackson personal trainer or the professionals at your local gym for some ideas and even classes that fit your need to get active while satisfying your appetite for fun.

Clint Barr is the owner of Raising The Barr Fitness, Ridgeland’s premier private and small group fitness training studio, and the best-selling author of 3 Steps To Your Best Body.  Contact him right now to receive a complimentary nutrition and fitness consultation (valued at $87).


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