Embrace Your Inner Geek: A Secret To Success

What I have come to hold as a central tenet in my work is this: Each of us has a spectacular and singular constellation of skills and strengths, experiences and quirks that makes us just a little different from the rest of the crowd.

In some way we all have a geek inside us. The precocious – and precious – part of ourselves that we allow out only when we’re feeling safe or we slip into “unedited” mode.

And I also understand how easy it is to get sucked into a sense of awkwardness and deep uncertainty – even when you are a full-grown, fully functioning and successful adult:

  • You don’t feel capable of putting the best of who you are and what you do out into the world.
  • You feel wrong because you’re “different” when you are your amazing, unedited self.
  • You begin to think you’ll never get beyond where you are because there is always someone who is better than you.
  • You feel inadequate and unprepared, so you keep working on that perpetual “just one more thing” that is going to make you feel sure and secure.
  • You feel like you don’t belong.
  • You don’t fit in.
  • You will never be understood and fully accepted.

The Answer: Embrace the Geekdom

Embracing the geekdom is you not letting someone dim your light just because it’s shining in their eyes.

When we embrace our geekdom we stop struggling against what is not changeable and we stop trying to be someone we are not.

We find there is more we can do and that we can do it with less effort.

We are not constantly in a mad dash trying to get through a to-do list.

We develop a greater sense of mastery over our talents. We can let go of tasks better done by others and put our talents to work on what we are best suited to do.

We can nurture what we want to develop more of and mold what we do have to its fullest expression, without apology.

We can utter a positive no when we need and a delighted yes when we desire.

We create an environment that marries your technical and academic know how with our authentic core self, so you can fashion a life that envelops other priorities, like family, friends and creative pursuits.

In short we learn to master the art of making a life while making a living and that benefits everyone we come into contact with.

And that’s what InMotion Consulting and Coaching is about – going from chaos to calm, mastering life while making a living, embracing the geekdom.

Now let’s talk about you.

What would your life look like if you just embraced your geekdom?

If you’re interested in going deeper, call me for a free, no-strings-attached 30-minute consultation. Schedule yours now!

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Deirdre Danahar works with busy, creative, professionals who are looking to shift from what feels chaotic, disjointed or frustrating to a calm productive, spirited life.  People she works with come away knowing how to do their best work without sacrificing their quality of life. She is the owner of InMotion Consulting & Coaching, LLC, based in Jackson, MS. Reach her at deirdre@inmotioncc.com or 601-362-8288.


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