Geek vs. Nerd: Which are You?

Me I am clearly a geek but with some nerd tendencies.*

Why should you care if you are geek or need? No reason other than our sense about “geek” and  “nerd” might be changing. And for the better.

These days it is entirely permissible to “geek out” over something that you understand really know and care about. . . cats, cars, cooking, football, or futbol, the decline of grammar, the influence of the blues on contemporary classical guitar in Spain, home-schooling, ballroom dance. . . For most people there is something you could geek over if you wanted to, but only if you want to.

I hear this shift in the conversations I have with my family, friends, colleagues and clients. One of my friends summed up this emerging shift beautifully:

“We just might be moving into a mind-space where geeks are simply considered interesting, engaging, quirky, super-smart folks who do something extraordinarily well. And are appreciated.”~ Adel Brown

Who does not want to be a valued for what you do well, especially when you are unvarnished?

Claiming your genuine self with all its facets is a wonderful, exciting and dare I say liberating choice.

Before I “embraced my geedom” I always had too many balls up in the air, whether it was completing graduate school while working part-time, working multiple jobs after I got my master’s degrees or being the overly loyal friend trying to fit into things that were not mine to fit into.  And that I did not have time for anyway.

The word no seemed to be missing from my vocabulary: I was always available and avoided disappointing anyone.

Embracing  my geekdom meant figuring out what I would say yes to and what I would say no to. What I would think about and how I would let those thoughts influence my actions.

It meant editing my life to focus on what I am best at, what I adore, and making the sometimes hard choices to do the editing and then owning those decisions and consequences.

Consequences like letting go of some relationships that just did not fit any longer so that new ones that did could take root. It meant learning to do new things.  It was a change. Change is always weird and hard, even when you want the change.

Now I know it is possible to be independent and still be compassionately connected to who and what I love, even if the way I am connected changes in some unexpected way.

Whether you identify of a geek nerd or neither, I hope you revel in what you do well, what you love, and the special twist you bring to the world when you are your unvarnished, unguarded self.

Be unabashedly you. Brazen. Forward. Forthright. Unashamed. You. I double dog dare you to unleash your wonderful Inner Geek.

So if you want to know if you are a geek or nerd or some combination of both, look no further than this infographic.*

Geeks vs Nerds

All rights reserved@2013

Deirdre Danahar works with busy, creative, professionals who are looking to shift from what feels chaotic, disjointed or frustrating to a calm productive, spirited life.  People she works with come away knowing how to do their best work without sacrificing their quality of life. She is the owner of InMotion Consulting & Coaching, LLC, based in Jackson, MS. Reach her at or 601-362-8288.


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