So What DO You Want in 2013?

Wow 2012 drawing to a close, the New Year is just around the bend and I’ve been asking myself… What do I really want in 2013?  I ask myself this every year. The answers that bubble-up from way deep down- the ones that whisper as they rise up past my initial, on the surface responses, these answers have always served me well.

For most professionals it is easy to see the surface of what you want. Maybe a stable job, a raise, more clients, a promotion, your long-term project to wrap up . . .

Come January 1, Ta-Da! all those wants become goals you chase and chase, and chase. But to what end?

Maybe you start gung-ho ready to jump into your resolutions and really MAKE THIS THE YEAR when you meet ALL of your goals. Poof it is late February and you are not making the progress you hoped for.June rolls around and you might say “Goals, what goals? I think I had some. “Or you might feel bad about not getting them done.

So what DO you want in 2013?

Stop and ask yourself, really, what do I want?  Wait for the answers beyond the your first response. What bubbles up from deep within you?

If you had more money, a new job, more clients, or whatever it is you’re chasing… what would that give you?

And how about some goals that support you making a life while you make a living? You know those things that align with the real materials of your life, the people, experiences and things that matter most to you and you know drop below the very bottom of your to-do list. Where will they figure into your plan for 2013?

A Gift for You

I want to help you make a plan for your 2013 to be your most inspired, focused, productive and fun year yet.That starts with creating a plan that is firmly rooted in the reason behind why you do what you do and why your resolutions matter.

Follow this link to download a no-cost book excerpt, Getting More of the Right Things Done. The process I describe within will help you dig deep into what you REALLY want in 2013 and how to map out inspired focused goals to help you get those things.


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