You Can Master the Art of Making A Life and A Living

Over the past several weeks I have been sharing with you about the very real, very human challenge many people, maybe even you, wrestle with, how to make a life that allows you to have a life?  To work and earn a living so you can take care of your family AND invest in your personal needs and wants too. All without feeling like you are forever frantically chasing a never-ending to-do list.

Maybe you are:

  • Worn out from the mad-dash of trying to get it all done.
  • Neglecting what calls from the marrow of your bones and that hurts with a deep steady pulsing ache
  • Stuck in “I don’t know what” or “I don’t know how” but know something needs to be different.
  • Fearing, secretly (or not so secretly) who you are, so you try to wedge yourself into a form meant for someone else and therefore are holding yourself back. Or feel like a fraud.
  • Know you need to slow down but can’t find “the breaks”.
  • Striving to prioritize so you’re not wasting time on things that drain you and exhaust you and trying to find time for the things that make your life rich, zesty and splendid, but never quiet getting there.

Bottom line you want to know how to bring in the real materials of your life- the people and things that matter to you most and all too often can drop to the very bottom of your to do list-  into your daily experience. But you’re stuck at HOW?

I can help you answer that question. So you feel as if you can float unfettered without feeling untethered to soar to new highs in your life while remaining grounded in the real materials of your life.  That you are willing to risk letting go of what is familiar, what’s “right” and do what you must in order to live into a promise you made to yourself. Perhaps to do even what you deeply fear so that you live into the promise of your true north.

Honestly I am super excited to help you resolve lingering questions or worries that hold you back from focusing on your Big WHY and bear hugging your inner geek, so you can make a life and a living that matters in a deeply personal way. My new program, Mastering the Art of Bringing in the Real Materials of Your Life into Your Daily Experience will help you find your answers and begin to make a full zesty life.

Who is this program for?

  • Smart, busy professionals ready to make the shift to getting the right things done so they make a life and a living.
  • People committed to crafting a well-edited life that ensure their ability to craft a full, rounded, enriching experience in the world.
  • People who are extraordinarily committed to their success and well-being and are open to being held accountable by a coach.
  • Folks who are ready to be sparked to take action they might not otherwise.

What will you get from the program?

  • Make tangible progress on projects that allow you to make a life and a living.
  • Loosen the stifling grip of fears and move forward despite what unnerves you.
  • Become clear about where your natural strengths and your passion intersect so extraordinary things can happen because you make decisions in alignment with these and without fighting your nature.
  • You’ll edit out what siphons off your energy, so that what is in your life are those things and people and experiences that nourish and challenge you.
  • The important aspects of life — areas that may have frustrated you for years – become visibly and measurably better, as you build a toolkit to prioritize and improve those things that make a life fulfilling.
  • Real, concrete, unwavering support and honesty in service of your goals.
  • Nine private 1-hour coaching sessions and unlimited email support in between the sessions.
  • Tools and resources you can use again in the future.

If you want to get on the fast track to making a rich, zesty and profoundly satisfying life that includes both professional success and personal fulfillment, then I’d love to be your guide. I’d love to have you be part of the beta test group helping me to make this an extraordinary experience. I am taking 9 people in the beta test.

I said I would offer you the chance to get on the phone with me start answering your questions . . . Here is your chance to request a complementary Making A Life Discovery Session with me. I am offering a limited number of these sessions. During the 30-minute session we will do three things.

  1. Create a clear vision about what a shift to making a live and living would look and feel like for you.
  2. Then we will explore obstacles that are getting in your way from making this shift.
  3. Finally we will outline the next steps you can take to move forward, including this program. (Should we choose to take a next step together we’ll be a little longer.)

Request your complementary Making a Life Discovery Session now here.

One last note, because I am beta testing this program, I am offering it at $800. I expect the full price to be closer to $1400. Also, I’ll periodically ask you for feedback.


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