You Don’t Have to Be Defined by Work Alone

Many people, maybe you, are no longer willing to let work alone define you. To push aside the most important people, interests, activities and things to you – the real material of your life- until one enchanted day in the future when there is time, or things feel more secure. Yes, the current economic crisis might have made you cautious about leaving work at work, but to do your best work, you need to feed the other parts of your life.  Those are important elements in feeling what you do matters. If are having trouble doing that you might even be resentful of who and what is in your life because there is no time for you- everything else hogs it all up.

Fundamentally you want to make a life that enriches you, your family and your community.  When you enrich yourself you consequently enrich those around you and even the world at large, because you can bring a greater depth of purpose and meaning to what you choose to do.  You crave to have a well-edited life that ensures your ability to craft a full, rounded, enriching experience in the world.

But how do just that?

Well first you have to believe you have earned the right to do take some time for yourself so you can sink into the real materials of your life.  After all people rely on you, at work , at home, in your community, in your social circle, people need you and your time and attention NOW. Right? Can you really afford to slow down and invest some time in your wants and needs? You might even be thinking, “Geez, if you could see my to-do list I am not sure you would even ask me this question.”

Taking time for yourself- your wants and needs- might feel greedy when so many people are relying on you. But get this, that is the very reason to find the courage to claim time for yourself.  You must edit out what siphons off your stunning life force, so that what remains in your life are those things and people and experiences that nourish and challenge you. When you do you restore the precious wellspring of energy that gives you the nerve and oomph to do what only you can do. When you don’t invest this time you are in danger of being resentful, fractured hollow version of who you are trying to be. And then how much use are you to the people who rely on you!

Wrestling with questions or worries that hold you back from focusing on your Big WHY and bear hug your inner geek, so you can make a life and a living that matters in a deeply personal way can be a lonely, confusing and complicated task.

  • Just what would making a life and a living actually feel ,look and be shaped life?
  • Could I be courageous enough to fall in love with my inner geek?
  • Can I really make space for the real materials of my life, in my life?

I would love to help you start answering those questions in concrete terms that point to actual steps you could take  so that you can sink some guilt free time into the fullness of who you are and what you crave to have in your life.  It sounds grand I know. In a way it is, these can be expansive questions.  Once you start delving into them, you will also need to make choices about what to edit out so in the end you are left with a crystal picture of what matter most to you. That’s when having a person in your corner with an open compassionate ear, who will partner with you to create a no B.S. zone to in which you can reflect and decide how to move forward can be your greatest resource.

Let’s get on the phone to start answering your questions . . . I am offering a limited number of complementary Making A Life Discovery Sessions. During the 30-minute session we will do three things.

  1. Create a clear vision about what a shift to making a live and living would look and feel like for you.
  2. Then we will explore obstacles that are getting in your way from making this shift.
  3. Finally we will outline the next steps you can take to move forward, including a new program I’m rolling out in just a couple of days. (Should we choose to take a next step together we’ll be a little longer.)

Book your complementary Making A Life Discovery Session now, just use this link.


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