Get the More of Right Things Done (Because There are Only 24hrs in a Day and You Want to Make a Life and a Living)

Sometimes I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. Especially when the weather is just perfect and I want to spend a little more time in my garden.  Maybe you wish for just a few more hours in the day too? Many smart busy professionals tell me they long for more hours in the day so they can get it ALL in. But I’ve discovered what they are actually yearning for is to enjoy the real materials of their lives now. Not some magical day in the future when everything when you have ticked off everything you should do on your to-do list.  The bottom line is doing the right thing is no longer enough; you need to find the right things to do.

Otherwise you mind find that:

  • You’re gob smacked that summer has whizzed by and you have not gotten around to taking a vacation, tennis lessons (or whatever piques your interest).
  • You’ve morphed into a nagging micro manager and that is sucking the vitality out of you
  • You’re so in demand that its hard not to feel wrung out and put upon

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Doing the right thing means doing what you “should” or “ought to do” because that is what circumstances, your job, someone or society says you need to address.  Getting the right things done, means your most dedicated efforts are on the tasks, projects, people, hurdles and adventures that fundamentally align with the real materials of your life (the people, things and experiences that matter to you most and make you feel ALIVE).

Both are important. But, many of my clients find that doing the right things leads to rarely, and in some cases never, getting the right things done.  They get caught up in a mad dash to plow through their to-do list.  Days feel chaotic and crowed. Worse you don’t get around to making the real materials of your life the non-negotiable priority. This can erode your zest for life, leaving you feeling numb, burnt out and resentful of who and what is in your life. 

Yuck. That simply is not good for you as a person, a parent, a colleague, a boss or any other role you take on in your life. It is vital to take time to enjoy your life, as well as, work.

Are you ready to stop waiting for some enchanted day when all of the stuff on your to-do list is done? You know when ALL the paperwork is complete, emails are answered, and the laundry fairy pops-in to whisk that off your list? Or when the kids have no more school projects or game practices (those are ramping up again), so you craft a life you relish, while taking care of business in a go-go-go world?

You are not alone.

If you’re not quiet sure how to do your best work, without sacrificing your quality of life I have something to help you get started.

My brand-spanking new free report explores the two key things smart busy professionals do to get more of the right things done so they can they make a life while they make a living.  In it I share the processes and exercises I use with my clients to address these two key things, so you can shift from chaos to calm, get more of the right things done and fully enjoy your life along the way.

Go here to download your copy.


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