Time to have the talk. . . about longings

What are you longing for in your life? Not what you need to do, but what you are longing for from the marrow of your bones. Know that and you know the reason behind why you do what you do.  Know this and you can make the best use of your time money and resources.  The more clear you are about the deeper reason why you do what you do, the more powerful your actions will be on the practical level.

Women and men craft lives that are wholly fulfilling because what is most import to them, those callings of the heart that other people just don’t seem to get around to, are front and center. They dwell in hope and mine for possibilities. These women and men are amazing ordinary people living extra ordinary lives, because of the choices they make.  They aim for and settle for nothing less than a fulfilling flourishing life.

The point is to keep fulfilling, keep attending to your priorities what calls most strongly from your soul, each day.  Pay attention to the re-occurring themes in your life. Those things you have always been good at and interested in.  What is the world asking me to do? Maybe you have just been asked to step into a new role that stretches you. It’s exciting and a little scary too. Ask yourself, what would it take for me to make that calling a truth? What resources, strengths supports can I bring to bear? What  do I need to let go of and what will that take? What can I gain from this shift

 The callings of your heart are the REAL material of your life. Not what is on your schedule this week, in your job description, the roles you have been pushed into, or even what other well-intended people wish for you. Following the path of what you know is right in the marrow of your bones, even when powerful outside forces suggest or demand otherwise takes moxie. Do it anyway. In the end you are responsible for the actions you take and elect not to take, even when there are powerful outside forces.

My great joy in my work is guiding people to do this in their own lives.  Helping people with busy complex lives to connect to reconnect to the light inside them and have the nerve to live and work by their most deeply held truths. They take actions they otherwise would not, that make the most of their time, especially in chaotic challenging circumstances. They embrace their signature strengths and accept all parts of their beings.  The reward is this: careers they love and sustaining, rewarding relationships. The callings of their hearts show up, not just their to do lists, each and every day. So too can yours.

“You do not sing because you are happy, you are happy because you sing. “- William James

When you act as is if something will happen it will because experience is based on how you think and what you do in each moment.


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