An Extraordinary Life for Everyone

Self-acceptance begins with a clear understanding of what it takes for you to feel good about you. You must have a genuine appreciation of your individuality in order to be successful and live meaningfully.

Comparing yourself to someone can be useful if you ask, how can this serve me? A comparison cannot reflect all of your strengths or the uniqueness of your personality. It can have the ability to limit your choices and development or could serve as an inspiration.

You must also acknowledge resentments, injuries or anger that keeps you from living in the present. Make amends with people you hurt.  Forgive the past transgressions of others, you don not have to approve of them to forgive them. Then move forward, letting go of the past.

To lead an extraordinary life requires you know in real terms what is happiness or fulfillment for you. Not someone else, you. Define what you mean by happiness/fulfillment, including spiritual and emotional rewards as well as material rewards. Make a list of people you are happy. Can you see a common thread? Co they accept themselves as they are? Do the do what they love? Are they excited by what they do?

Do you believe you have the power to lead an extraordinary life? Power is the ability to take action.

When you are honest and act in alignment with the callings of your heart, your signature strengths and values your life becomes extraordinary.

Look at your life. Discover what action you need to take. Then take it. You will feel powerful.



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