Critical Thinking or Haunting Thoughts?

People, we are notorious for being our own worst critics. A little bit of reflection is a fine skill to hone. A dash of critical eye is good. There may indeed be things you could have done better, or would do differently. It is true too that you are not likely to be good at everything. Part of what is terrific about people are the individual talents we have as well as our various skills.  We can build up our skills, nurture our talents or just try something new that we are not sure we’ll be good at, never mind create. When you are doing something new it will feel awkward at first, and that can lead to feeling vulnerable  or touch a basic fear.

The grip of our fears can be strong.  Napoleon Hill named six basic fears: fear of poverty, fear of criticism, fear of old age, fear of dying, fear of illness and fear of losing love. They need to be faced head on in order to release the grip they have on you.  What do these have to do with being your own worst critic?

Well people are blessed with incredibility powerful minds. With just a thought we can bring up old memories or project worries about the future with as if they are live action Technicolor 3-D movies happening RIGHT NOW! As a bonus we can ruminate. with our thoughts run away. It is as if a ticker of your negative thoughts or fear runs in a constant loop in your mind.. That is not useful. It stops us from getting out of a rut or reaching a goal.

Are you haunted by the specter of critical thinking? Here are a few simple tips to vanquish the specter.

For even more thoughts on how to stop unproductive critical thinking read this.


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