Pursuing Happiness, Fulfilling Priorties

The pursuit of happiness is a terrific right, one I am sure many of us celebrated in style over the weekend. Happiness is a wonderful, but fleeting emotion. Of course we want to feel happy- a dopamine release feels just great!  But the United States was not founded on fleeting principles or fleeting purposes. What supports our ability to be profoundly, madly, deeply, truly “happy” is flourishing in life.  One where you are fulfilled, your life is one of deepest joy because a) you feel life is entirely worth living (even the messy bits) and b) you feel you are fulfilling a greater purpose.

To flourish I have found you need to be crystal clear about 6 things:

  1. Your roles in life
  2. Your priorities
  3. Your core values
  4. Your signature strengths
  5. Your trip-ups and tolerations
  6. Your refreshers

If you are clear, absolutely “windexed-window, bird-bonking clear”, then you can more easily cultivate a flourishing, fulfilling life. You can solve lingering problems that interfere with your ability to focus on priorities and roles at work, home and play. So that you can realize goals, explore your interests and attend to your needs as well as those of people important to you. You can create a fulfilling, invigorating life where you are in control, even in the midst of chaos.

Being crystal clear about these 6 things requires you take a good long hard look in the proverbial mirror and assess what is working and what’s not in your life. You begin to identify where things are in sync and where things get wonky. Many of clues about where you are grounded, balanced and fulfilled and where you are not make themselves clear once you start really digging in.  Knowledge is power.

You can avoid the “As Soon As Trap”, the life dulling habit of planning on getting around to the joys of life and accomplishment “as soon as….” You can have a life where you are engaged. and there is meaning, serving or belonging to something you believe is bigger than you. Achievement or accomplishments are pursued for their own sake, even when there is no immediate positive emotion attached. A life with positive relationships- few things we do that are really happy are along- think about sharing a laugh, or a hard trek and how much closer that makes you feel and how much richer your life becomes.

“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.”  Albert Camus

Is Now Your Chance To Be Better? 

Are you ready to thrive and create a life that is profoundly fulfilling?  I have an exciting new program, Priorities Fulfilled© that is designed to help you solve the lingering problems interfering with your ability to focus on priorities at work, home and play.  This program is designed specifically to help people who:

  • have competing personal and professional priorities,
  • take on too much,
  • are stuck in neutral spinning their wheels,
  • and are ready to move forward and put bad habits and outdated ways of thinking behind them.

What will you get from Priorities Fulfilled©?

  • Make substantial progress towards realizing your most important priorities.
  • Develop a crystal clear picture of your core values and signature strengths these and how to best leverage them.
  • Powerful personal tools to address the mental, emotional and physical clutter that gets in the way.
  • Learn how to create and keep sacred time for you and your priorities amid the complexities of a busy modern life.
  • Cultivate an internal sense of calm control that allows you to hold your priorities front and center and take action.
  • Become skilled at making decisions in alignment with your priorities, values and strengths, with greater ease, clarity and confidence.
  • Receive real concrete help in achieving your goals.

There are three ways we can work together in the Priorities Fulfilled©  program: a 3 hour super Session, a 5 week Private Intensive Series or a one day VIP Intensive. Each one is specially designed to met different needs and different timelines.

I am offering the first 5 people who commit to fulfilling their priorities special introductory pricing.  Use the code PF5711, good from July 1 – July 8, 2011. 

For more information please contact me to schedule a complimentary 30 minute telephone session to discover what’s right for you.


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