Happiness is a by-product

“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.”-Eleanor Roosevelt

Happiness is a wonderful, but fleeting emotion. Of course we want to feel happy- a dopamine release feels just great! But what supports our ability to be profoundly, madly, deeply truly “happy” is flourishing in life.  When you flourish, you are fulfilled , your life is one of deepest joy because a) you feel life is entirely worth living (even the messy bits) and b) you feel you are fulfilling a greater purpose. To flourish I have found there  you need to be crystal clear about 6 things:

  1. Your roles in life
  2. Your priorities
  3. Your core values
  4. Your signature strengths
  5. Your trip-ups
  6. Your refresher

How are clear are about each these 6 things? Have you stopped to examine each and peel back your assumptions about them?  Are the decisions you make in line with these? Are the actions you take a reflection of these?


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