Captain Humanities

Still no new Marvel Comics™  series of crime fighting capers based on my family, but I am darn sure proud of them.  In honor of Father’s Day I present Captain Humanities aka my Dad.

Captain: a person given authority over a team

Humanities:  the study or man kind and human affairs

Captain Humanities  is the son of an educator and became one too as a college professor, in yes Humanities, European History in particular and eventually an administrator (what some people call “crossing to the dark side”).  For him exploring history and other humanities is a way to understand and come to peace with the complexities of life, a medium through which to highlight human dignity and possibilities. He grew up with parents passionately devoted to each other and to fostering lively discussions (read debates that could described as epic at times). A tradition passed on to Captain Humanities two daughters. Ensuring we became thinking beings, who learned to both explore and discovered what intrigued us, understand that collectively humans share certain values, “predominant human drive [is] to be positive and forward looking” and most importantly to stake a stand for whom and in what you believe, even, especially when that makes you unpopular.  When his son arrived some 24 plus years after the first daughter, those same lessons were passed on. Lest you think him a naive idealist or fuddydud-  I assure you he’s not. He introduced his daughters to the wonder of  The Three Stooges (yes we are fans), a likes a bawdy joke, and went roaring down snow covered hills on a toboggan with his beloved grand kids this past Christmas.

Here’s to you Dad! Thanks!

Captain Humanities is one more personal superhero who showed me ways to overcome the “bad guys” in life and celebrate and elevate the “good guys”. So Marvel Comics™ if you are looking for inspiration, give me a call and I can tell you more.


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