Problems and Possibilities

“If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem, but a fact – not to be solved, but to be coped with over time.” Shimon Peres

Depressing no? Well no actually, just an unpleasant fact. There will be problems that have no solution from time to time, we still hold the power  (and duty) to consider how we react to these situations. We can choose to stamp our feet, yell and jump around throwing a fit. As kids we all perfect our particular style of tantrum. We can choose to pretend it does not exist. Fingers in the ears, eyes closed tight- “LALALALAICAN’THEARYOU!”- an other relic from childhood. Neither of which do I think is particularly useful over the long haul however ever tempting they may be in the short run.

An other option is to tap into our innate creativity and play with possibilities. Yes, you have innate creativity. Everyone does. We all color pictures, draw in the sand, make mud pies, invent spaceships out of closets and dance to the music when were kids. Somewhere along the way  it’s as if a voice whispers you are not creative and SNAP, we believe that to be true.   Poppycock. So you are not Alvin Ailey, Iris Dement, or A.S. Byatt, you still have creativity within, just all corked-up.  

Is there something we could, do, say, or think to improve the situation? How do you choose to react? How do you want to describe they way you were in the face of an unpleasant reality 5 years, 10 years 20 years down the line? I am not saying its is easy to create possibility in the face of frustration, disappointment, anger, or injustice. I am not saying I do it all the time. Despite those facts it is possible to create possibilities even in challenging situations.

So think about a problem in your life that has no solution, a subject upon which you have to agree to disagree with an other. Now consider how you reacted when this came to light. Were you fully entrenched so that the result is a fissure so deep it seemed impassable?  Did it gnaw you for days on end? Where was your sense of personal control and center? Now pretend you were a kid or some other creative thinker you know, what would they do?

Still feeling stuck, or maybe you want to explore more about creating possibilities, read “The Art of Possibility”.


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