Start. Now.

“Today, not starting is far, far worse that being wrong. If you start, you’ve got a shot at evolving and adjusting to turn your wrong into a right. But if you don’t start, you never get a chance.”~Seth Godin, “Poke the Box

What are you holding back from starting? You might gain information by holding off, but you gain nothing by never starting. So again what are you holding back from starting, that spot where fear pinched off your initiative nerve. Pitching a new feature to your editor or news director, because she may say no to your idea? Embarking on a new wellbeing routine, because you know it will be like all your other false starts? Taking your business from an idea to a storefront, because there is not guarantee of success?

There is never an absolute 100% guarantee of success, even with highly tested, finely tuned successful things. There are always glitches. Your iPod freezes up. The column went out with a typo, in spite of your editing, the copy editor and spell check. It’s hard to consistently workout 4 times a week when you travel for work at least once a month. I could go on an on. Instead I offer you the same challenge I gave myself this weekend.

Take a look in the proverbial mirror, see where you are holding back from fear on an important thing to start. Acknowledge the fear, then purposely put it aside. Layout your plan to launch  your something new, be specific in your intentions and goals. Make sure you capture your excitement about the something new in your goal, excitement is the flip side of fear. Tell someone about your something new to start. Get enough of what you need to start, then start.

Me, I am starting development on some new teleclasses and groups. Look for details in the coming weeks.

For more on the importance of getting started check out, “Poke the Box“, by Seth Godin. It might just be the motivation you need to run boldly towards your own starting line.


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