Physical Peace

Working in the garden . . . gives me a profound feeling of inner peace. ~ Ruth Stout

We spend so much more time in our heads these days then we have in the past. Much of our professional, personal and leisure time rely on electronic means; email, the internet, gaming, social media, webcasts. . . It is great. I love to Skype with my family, we live too far apart. Wonderous is the word that comes to mind about how we are able to connect with people across the world, and the new opportunities that provides us all.

But we are still separated and can easily be pulled into a virtual time warp where suddenly hours have gone by and you have not moved from the desk/table/couch and screen. Many others have pointed out how plugged in we are now and like me expressed some ‘concern” (is that the right word, I don’t know, but that is the word that comes to mind) about how connected yet separate we are from each other. Not only might we be separate from other people, losing some particular beauty and nuances of in-person relationships, we become increasingly separated from our physical selves and important ‘still time’ when we are alone with our thoughts.  Being fully engaged with our bodies and our spirits (however you think of your spiritual nature) is as important as cultivating our minds and technical abilities.

For me, digging in the dirt is one key way I ensure time to be physical, as well as ‘still time’ to be with my thoughts. What troubles me. What inspires me. What makes me laugh and cry. To weed out my frustrations and concerns, as well as poison ivy, is a terrific combination. As it transplanting iris from my mother’s and grandmother’s gardens, deepening our connections and spreading our reach across miles and miles.

How you cultivate your physical side, your spiritual side and create a sense of peace?


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