Union of Common Bonds Among All

“We are obliged to respect, defend and maintain the common bonds of union and fellowship that exist among all members of the human race.” ~ Cicero  

This seems a fitting thought, given the work needed to support the people impacted by floods and tornadoes this past month. To look beyond what separates us, and instead towards what common threads exist. To weave these into stronger fabric with give. Strength to bear the weight of our troubles and joys. Give to allow a smooth drape and flow, at once acknowledging each unique shape without pulling so tight the fabric pucker, pulls and separates.

“An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation’ the stress that steams from disasters is complex. It can be a growth stimulating experience for people or it can be a stagnating one. Some folks dig in and do things they never through they would. Other just get paralyzed.  Other become enraged. They are all “normal” responses along a continuum.  We all need help, which be found in various forms. The physical reality of clean up. Supplies for everyday living. A person to talk to, friend, family or perhaps a professional.

We are a resilient people. Resilience is built from many elements, one of most important, I think is the union of common bonds among people. Build those bonds, tend to them over time, and call upon them when needed.


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