Mindful Spirit Expo

Mississippi’s premiere Body, Mind, Spirit Expo. This event will expand your ideas and ideals on how you care for yourself as a whole. This includes learning about Personal coaching, acupuncture, chiropractic care, reiki, yoga, and chemical free living. You can experience energy healing, massage, sound healing and other wonderful techniques and services to support your best life.  There will be many exhibitors and an amazing line up of speakers with perception shifting information!

Yours truly will be one of the speakers, “It’s Not About Fulfillment. Its About Balance”, and an exhibitor at the Expo.  Come by I’ll have some practice resources for you to take away, just for stopping by. I’ll also have a surprise or maybe two to raffle off.

You can listen to Internationally known Intuitive’s, Patti Conklin speak about vibrational medicine and Jamie Roth speak about Reiki and becoming “The General Manager of Your Universe”, based on Jamie Roth’s new best seller book. Curious? Me too.

This event will be filled with exhibitors that have mind blowing and heart opening information that will take you to the next level of Living at your highest level of well being. It’s about connecting yourself as a WHOLE. Loving yourself completely, not as separate parts. When you connect as a whole, you can begin to creat the life you desire living. It’s like get organized, when you are organized you are in control. There is a space for everything and everything is in its place.

Where and When? 

June 25th 10a-6p and June 26th 11a-4p

1935 A Lakeland Drive (MS school of Therapeutic Massage) Jackson, MS. 39216

Buy your tickets’ ahead of time here:

Just the expo

Expo and the Speakers

Save a little and buy them together 

Can’t attend? You can watch any of the Speakers from the Mindful Spirit Expo LIVE from the comfort of your home. Speakers will be webcasted live throughout the two days of the Expo. If you can’t watch them all at the time they are live; the ticket price also guarantees that you will receive the link to watch the recorded presentation at a later date, convenient to you.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT EVENT PLEASE VISIT:  http://www.intuitiveencounters.com/pages/expo.htm

 Expo FB page: https://www.facebook.com/IntuitiveEncountersExpo

To sign up for newsletter to receive details about Expo:  http://visitor.constantcontact.com/manage/optin/ea?v=001WY2H_3RLHWpD9hMjLVJU9g%3D%3D


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