Daredevil Mom and Superduper Stepmom

No Marvel Comics™ has not put out a new series of crime fighting capers (though I will admit to wanting to see the new film Thor, which probably tells you more about me than you want to know). In honor of Mother’s Day I present my Daredevil Mom and Superduper Stepmom.

Daredevil: 1794 (n.) “recklessly daring person,” from dare (v. to have the boldness to try; venture; hazard) + devil. The devil might refer to the person, or the sense might be “one who dares the devil (cf. scarecrow, cutthroat).*

Superduper: adjective Informal . extremely good, powerful, large, etc.; very super; marvelous or colossal.*

Daredevil Mom who was born bold, strong and full of love. Bucking tradition becoming the first person in her family to go to college. While there majored in science and helped to accidentally integrate the intramural sports and clubs (That’s a whole other story).  Who’s always had or found the boldness to try something that would improve our lives, and increase her experience in the world. Regardless of what society said was proper or how scary it felt. Her most recent adventure is an epic trip out west with her sister and a friend of 42+ years.  Three ladies, a rental car, some maps, traveling from Las Vegas, to the Grand Canyon heading to Yellowstone park-awesome!

Superduper Stepmom who at age 22 had the guts to move in with my Dad and then have two kids show up 2 weeks later for the summer.  After 31 years she’s still here and has never tried to be our mother, we had one. She became our friend, confident and most definitely family. Forging her own place in the world personally and professionally, completing a law degree, then practicing law, eventually becoming a Mom in her own right (giving us a brother) and always speaking her mind, standing up for what and in whom she believes, while never forgetting the importance of play. Here she is flying a kite.

Both of these personal superheros showed me ways to overcome the “bad guys” in life and celebrate and elevate the “good guys”. So Marvel Comics™ if you are looking for inspiration, give me a call and I can tell you more.

*Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian. 04 May. 2011.


2 thoughts on “Daredevil Mom and Superduper Stepmom

  1. Thanks for the great tribute. Spent this mother’s day gazing at bison, elk, geese and other wild and wonderful things in Yellowstone. Quite fabulous.

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