16 Practical Strategies To Strike A Better Balance

Here are 16 practical strategies to create a better balance in your life. These have been used successfully by my clients and myself. Practical does not mean easy. Practical is defined as: consisting of, involving, or resulting from practice or action: of, pertaining to, or concerned with ordinary activities. Some of these strategies could be things you already do, or have tried, and putting them into action with greater consistency might make all the difference in your ability to strike a better balance. Others might be brand new. Just start with 1 or 2 , give it a week and see what starts to change.

  1.  Track your time and what you do with it for a week. Decide what is necessary and what satisfies you the most.
  2.  Create your list of nonnegotiables for all areas of your life and then put them in your calendar.
  3.  Use a daily habits list.
  4.  Cut the things that do not satisfy you to the maximum degree that circumstances allow and delegate from there- means giving up some control.
  5.  STOP multitasking on the important things. Focus on one thing at a time, putting your most important priorities first.
  6.  Embrace “The Power of a Positive No”. It is okay to respectfully say no.
  7.  Leave work at work. Set a shut off time after which you do not work or check email or think about work, TURN OFF your cell phone and email. The world will continue to spin on its axis if you are not on the clock.
  8.  Manage your tasks – not your time.
  9.  Learn to take breaks. We have natural working cycles of 90-120 minutes then fatigue sets in and we cease to be focused and productive.
  10.  Invest in your support system at home and work.
  11.  Nurture yourself.  Get some sleep, eat healthy foods, exercise. Make setting aside time each day for something you enjoy a non-negotiable.
  12.  Take advantage of options as flex work hours, job sharing, outsourcing (yard, laundry, cleaning…)
  13.  Find something to immerse yourself in after work. Schedule it as soon as work as possible.
  14.  Learn to be mindful and present at work and outside of work. Bring your mind back to what ever it you are doing after work.
  15.  Remember you are not defined by work.
  16.  Cut yourself some slack. You cannot do it all, and do it all well.

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