Friendship with oneself is all important. . .

“Friendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I just love this quote. Simple truth, which can be hard to realize for ourselves. Just how does one come to make friends with one’s self? Especially when maybe you don’t like everything about yourself. Here is my tried and true formula.

Acceptance + Forgiveness + Openness = Friendship

Acceptance: the act of taking or receiving something offered; accepting yourself fully for the person you are warts and all. You don’t have to like something to take it.

Forgiveness:  act of forgiving;  state of being forgiven; to grant pardon to (a person); to cease to feel resentment against (a person). Forgiveness provides freedom to live in peace and the ability to change. Stop holding a grudge against yourself, that saps your energy.

Openness: not closed or barred to ideas, experience or possibilities. Some people are more open to experience and possibility than others. And this could be situational too, like being open to try anything at work, but not out on the dance floor. When we hold ourselves back for trying we stymie any chance we have to change.

Simple, Easy-peasy right? Well I know that each element in my formula can be easier said or read than done. But if done, the internal work, leads to better outcomes externally too. Give it a shot, give yourself a break and see what happens over time.


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