Each a unique pattern of creativity

“We are all of us, unique – each a unique pattern of creativity and if we do not fulfill it, it is lost for all time.” – Martha Graham

Kids are wonderfully, naturally creative they can make a game out chasing paper balls, or weave a story from thin air, or play pretend for hours. Somewhere along the way as we grow up people seem to move away from this ability to tap into our innate creativity, because we are not an “ARTIST”.   What hogwash! Some of the most creative people I know are not artists. They include scientists and researchers always looking put things together in new ways, a lawyer who is also a self-taught gourmet cook (the woman has literally raised thousands of dollars with dinners auctioned off for charitable causes) and all of the woman in my knitting group. Each of use has an interest or ability to do something special, beautiful, curious.  Maybe you can make a yo-yo walk the dog, around the world backwards. Or can string together words in a compelling way. Are regularly repurposing things, like making an old sink into a planter and fountain in the garden.  That’s great, do it!


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