Get Motivated: On Your Mark, Set Goals, Ready to Achieve

Getting motivated, whether you are inspired to do something new, to go after a big goal, or change your exercise routine can be a fleeting sensation. It fades and can be difficult to summon up over time. Taking a little time to clarify what is motivating you to make a change and why helps you develop a compelling vision for what you want and develop a realistic plan that you can return to over time. Like what you are reading, great, Friday morning please tune into Fox 40 and Friends, the new Jackson morning show (7am -9am). I will be regular contributor, every second Friday of the month.  I’ll providing  information on topics like motivation, keeping priorities, healthy boundaries and many others.

This week I’ll be discussing motivation, how to get it and keep it. After the show I’ll make some tips and a worksheet available on my website.

Fox 40 and Friends features all things Mississippi: medical specialists, local chefs, master gardeners, money experts. . . and a whole lot more.  If you are in the local viewing area I hope you will tune in March 11. Without your support and interest this type of wonderful event would not happen- thank you!


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