Priority Setting and Focus for the Foggy

Trying to keep your eye on priorities can feel like trying to capture lighting in a bottle- darn near impossible and kinda dangerous. After the initial excitement, energy and focus that comes from setting a goal and starting to work towards it, the sense of urgency and importance can fade over time. Your specific priorities can be lost in the fog of taking care of the day-to-day responsibilities, which usually don’t go away when you set a new goal. The kitchen still need to be cleaned, work deadlines still need to met, doctors appointments need to be made. . .  Suddenly that 30 minutes a day you promised yourself to write has drifted to the bottom of your to do list and you can’t remember what you wanted to write about in the first place. Ok so that sounds cloudy not dangerous.  Fair enough, observation. Let me ask you this, how many times have you found yourself thinking something along the lines of  “If I take eye off the immediate stuff of my job, taking care of the kids, getting groceries, everything will everything get off track and I’ll crash?” Probably more times than you might like to admit.  Here are 5 tips to help keep your priorities front and center.

  1. Create a visual of your priorities, all of them. Maybe you list them in bullet format. I like to use a Priority Wheel.
  2. Pick one or two to focus on- you’ll be more effective and successful if you concentrate your efforts and resources rather than spreading them too thinly.
  3. Create a priorities action log where you name your one or two priorities, and track the specific actions you are going to take by when and what support you need to do this. Put this in your calendar or someplace where you have to look at it every day.
  4. Be clear about the benefit to you by taking these actions and note this on the action log too.
  5. Name a reward you’ll give yourself for accomplishing the results you want.



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