Party Hearty

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the United States, Zumba Fitness is partnering with the American Heart Association’s Go Red Por Tu Corazón movement to raise awareness of heart disease and to help women live heart-healthier lives.  Here in Jackson we are hosting a Zumbathon® at the Flowood YMCA on Sat. 26 from 12- 3 pm.

Party Heart Zumbathon Flyer, 2.26.11

This is an especially personal issue for me. Heart disease has profoundly affected my family. A beloved Great Aunt had a heart attack. My Dad has had his own issues too. My Grandfather died of a brain aneurysm. My Stepmother’s Father died of a heart attack. My husband’s Grandmother had two heart attacks. A colleague of mine is facing open heart surgery in a few weeks. Me, I have been fortunate to date and have not heart disease related issues in great part due to exercise, diet and what appears to be counter-balancing genes from my Mom’s side of the family.

Ten Zumba Instructors from the Jackson area, including yours truly will lead the Zumbathon®.

Come get your Zumba on for a great cause!

I promise not to make you do the splits.


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