Love is in the air

Okay it is Valentines Day and I want to talk about love. Love of life, Love of self and embracing your place in the world.  Recently I have come to know a woman who I think embodies this notion.

Nicole Marquez.  Nicole is a dancer/actress who dreamed of performing on Broadway. After graduating from University of Southern Mississippi in 2005, she saved her pennies and two years later moved to the Big Apple, New York City.  Life was everything she hoped, and she was getting auditions. Returning home one evening, after a promising audition Nicole realized she was locked out of her apartment. So what did this spunky woman do? Climb up the airshaft to the open window of her top floor apartment, but, and this is a big but, there was no safety net below. She fell 6 stories to the base of the airshaft.

Her body was shattered, literally. Broken neck, broken pelvis, broken ribs, plus 4 mini-strokes while in IUC- things did not look good. If she survived she’d never walk again. Well let me tell you, Nicole walks, unaided and get this TEACHES Yoga Meets Dance, she is also a choreographer, and motivational speaker.

Nicole decided, once the fog of anesthesia wore off, that You Can’t Stop This Dancer would be her motto.  Life was too precious, her gifts too wonderful to be lost. That loving her self, her abilities, spunk and stubbornness would become tools to recreate her body, life and future.

To learn more about Nicole, follow her continued recovery, please visit Nicole’s blog or follow her on Twitter.

So love yourself, all of you, even the bits that cause you trouble. Embrace life, even the lousy things that come your way- there might just be an extraordinary experience around the bend.



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