Starting the New Year with a Bang

So how did your New Years kick off? Our started with a really big bang! Literally a big bang because of the lightning strike that blew out at least one electrical line in our house, left some nifty scorch marks next to one socket and provided me with an opportunity to meet the local fire department personnel very professional and reassuring gentleman. Yes, the nifty new TV might be fried, but it did not blow-up (thanks to the husbands super duty surge protector). There is no electricity running to one half of the house until we can get an electrician in to check out the wiring (my office is temporally in the kitchen). Fortunately there was no electrical fire- PHEW!  And that is a very big phew, the house next to my Mom’s had an electrical fire a few years ago and frankly it was very scary, but that is an other story. So let me continue this one.

Just down the road an F2 tornado cut a 26-mile long path through several towns, damaging or destroying dozens of homes and businesses. There were no deaths, but an awful of damage.  The tornado moved off before ripping through more of this area. The winds and rain did not flood our house or bring a big limb down on our house or cars. We were very lucky to not have the lightning hit any harder and cause a fire.

There is nothing like a close call to potential disaster to drive home the words I often find myself discussing with clients: “Focus on the stuff that is really important, your loved ones, yourself, the experiences you want to record in your obituary, and let the other stuff go.” Once we came up from our own series of calls (insurance company, electrician, TV manufacture about the warranty, neighbors about the fire truck) we realized just how fortunate we were to lose some power and maybe a TV.  My resolution this year was expand my sense of gratitude in life.  This experience is a good place to start.

Before you get up and tackle the next thing on your to do list, take a moment, close your eyes, and say to yourself one thing you want to feel and experience this year. And then find a way to feel it in the next 24 hours.


3 thoughts on “Starting the New Year with a Bang

  1. I guess you did bring in 2011 with a bang! I’m glad you are both ok! Sorry for the damage, but it does make you grateful for the, “it could have been much worse” scenerio. I tend to have a massive panic attack when these things happen initially, but they always seem to work themselves out!

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