Integrating Life’s Fragments

Our lives can feel fragmented in many ways. It’s as if we don’t know who we really are, or what aspects of ourselves to identify with or believe in. There are so many contradictory voices, feelings, and dictates vying for control that we become scattered in all directions. There’s no focus, no grounding, no equilibrium. To cope we often put on the proverbial blinders, plodding ahead to get through the day. We’re pretty much on autopilot.

Taking the time to step back from one’s self, and one’s mind we can bring attention to the various “to do’s” (priorities) voice and feelings clamoring for your attention. Clearing away the clutter becomes possible. You can make sense of all the information coming your way, silence the mental chatter and make conscious decisions. You exercise personal agency and pare down to the actual priorities of real importance; those inline with your genuine selves and core values.

Clearing away the “mental clutter” and focusing on key priorities, demands investing in yourself and interests to make the most of your assets, experience and quirks.  You’ll live with integrity and replenish the resources necessary to care for yourself and loved ones.

The first step is becoming aware of the “mental clutter” taking up space and hogging your attention. Then you can shift you attention to your real intentions.  Mindfulness is a practice that cultivates our ability to focus attention and intention simultaneous on a single item. Be that item cooking a nutritious meal, assessing a perceived threat or just enjoying a Sunday afternoon game of basketball with your daughter. Go here for Ten Simple Tips for Mindfulness in Everyday Life.


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