Experience and Connection

We are in the heat of the annual holiday, BUY-BUY-BUY, GIVE-GIVE-GIVE message frenzy. Feeling the pressure? Me too. So this year, I am paying more attention to what I want to tell my nieces and nephews in 10 years about the holidays. It is not about what I bought, gave or was given, but about experiences.  Here are the highlights so far:

  • Bubbles of laughter erupting from a certain 9 month old niece while riding around with her Uncle on the John Deer.
  • The fun had deciding on what decorations to make with the nephews, for the tree at Christmas- construction paper garland anyone?
  • Putting up a few pints of sweet onion marmalade with my Mom.
  • “Group cooks” to help get ready for the neighborhood bake sale.
  • My husband picking out pajamas for the PJ’s for Papa project.

My sister does something really neat for her two boys, she collects these types of experiences on index cards and stores them away to give to the boys when they are older. She gives out index cards to family and friends to asking us to jot down memories, and the like from our visits with the boys. What a great addition to photos and other keepsakes, these little pieces of life jotted down.

It is these types of experiences that keep us connected to our families, communities and friends. Yes, I enjoy getting a thoughtful gift as much as the next person, but I treasure the memories of putting together puzzles and making decorations with my family.

What experiences do you want to remember about this holiday season?


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