So many fail because they don’t get started

“So many fail because they don’t get started – they don’t go. They don’t overcome inertia. They don’t begin.”- W. Clement Stone

Don’t wait until after the holidays to start your new year. Take time now to consider what is you want to say about your life  one year from now. Maybe it is something along the lines of one these statements spoken by some of my clients:

  • “Making the difficult choice to leave a long time job, even though it was draining the life out of me, has opened up new and more interesting professional options for me.”
  • “It was the most exciting year, because I took a risk and finally applied for the promotion.”
  • “‘No’ became my favorite word. I used it judiciously and found I could give more of myself, at work, home and my church.”
  • “Now 20 pounds lighter  I am, 100% happier and confident , I unabashedly look forward to the coming year because I released the smart svelte woman inside.”
  • “My family and I spent more time on the simple things, playing games, making a regular sunday afternoon family trip and when the crisis with Dad’s health happened we are able to draw on the strength from those simple joys to get through some very hard days.”
  • “I can see how my values thread through all I do and why when I did not pay attention to them, my life fell apart. Now every important decision I make connects to my priorities and values.”

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