Making Peace with and the Most of You

Would you like to let go of trying to be someone you are not? Are you ready to make the most of your genuine self and multiple interests? Me too.

Years ago I was fortunate to have a “Eureka!” moment, and I decided to “embrace the geekdom”. Always capable, bright and funny, I was also ‘a bit left of center’, hyper-responsible, dyslexic and somehow seemed to make things harder than they needed to be.  I had too many balls up in the air: completing graduate school working part-time, working multiple jobs after. . .  The word “no” seemed to be missing from my vocabulary. I was always available for and trying to not to disappoint anyone, making things hard on myself and not leaving time enough for me.

“Embrace the geekdom”; meant figuring out what I would say yes to, what I would say no to and what I would think about. It also meant owning those decisions and resulting consequences. It was not until I was in my 30’s that I really began to make the most of my assets and fully grow into my personality. Then I experienced my moxie and a delightful unexpected ease in life even in the most challenging times.

Now in my 40’s I am grounded, interested, present and invigorated. Claiming your genuine self, with all its facets is a wonderful, exciting and dare I say liberating choice. You can be independent and still connected to who and what you love. As a coach I help busy professional women who want more invigorating lives to focus on priorities and assets to create fulfilling zesty lives.

Clearing away the “mental clutter” and focusing on key priorities demands investing in yourself and interests to make the most of your assets and quirks while replenishing the resources necessary to care for yourself and loved ones. You live with integrity. I know this to be true.

That’s my story. We each have own stories and choices.

Can you imagine what your harmonious and expansive yet grounded life would feel like? Just let yourself dream a bit here . . . Your priorities are in focus, front and center. There’s room to support your loved ones AND your interests. Your look forward to work . . . You’re not trying to fit someone’s ideals.  Like what you see? Let’s get focused on your priorities, capitalize on your assets and make the most of what you have to offer the world and what it has to offer you. It’s the best gift you could get this year!
If you are ready to make the most of 2011 I invite you to contact me about coaching. If you are in the metro Jackson Mississippi area you might also be interested in the Powerful Living community.


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