Usually I have a post ready to go for Monday morning, bright and early. Not this week though, I took my own advice and spent some downtime the past few days after several very busy weeks. When my husband got some unexpected tickets to the LSU – Tennessee Game, we grabbed the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous Fall day and cheer our fool heads off in Tiger Stadium. This reinforced the importance of time away from work and other demands to recharge and refocus.

Time away doing something fun with a loved one is important for you and your relationships. So much of our time can be caught up in the routine of work, bills, family care and household tasks, we forget why we enjoy an other person. Maybe their commentary at a football game is more insightful and funny than the actual paid commentary. Maybe you showed them a new way to look at paintings. Remember the joy of discovering a new local eatery?

Time away give space to let ideas bubble up and thoughts become more fully formed in the back of our minds. Ideally when you get back to that stack of paper work or some other project, you are ready to hit it hard without resentment.

Time away gives you breathing room and invites you to revel in the small pleasures of life. Like lingering over a cup of tea. Watching the neighborhood kids play pick-up games.  Listing to a favorite record, okay cd (I date myself). There is some sort of everyday magic in those small moments and pleasures.

So my blog was not ready first thing in the morning. No one died. Maybe, just maybe anticipation made the heart grow fonder for a reader or two. I know I looked forward to sharing my thoughts with you and I hope you take some time away too.


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