The Future: Yours to Invent

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” ~ Alan Kay

There is something to be said for deciding what you want more of in your future and doing something about making that desired future happen. Minimally you are more likely to get more of what you want… by getting what you want folks, I am not talking about visualizing a Porsche and having it magically appear paid for in the garage. As much as I love the idea of waving a magic wand and “poof!!!” a desired realized, I have jet to see that be an effect strategy here on earth.

But back to my point here. We can affect our futures. If you are clear about what you want more of and articulate and crystalline, palpable vision for that desired future you are poised to take considered specific action  in service of inventing it. You may not end up with exactly where you though we would, and you hopes may not be met in the way you expect, but its is a whole lot more likely you’ll get closer than you are now.

Why not try buddying up with someone to craft your vision and support you as you decide some specific actions. The power of two can be incredible. You could do this with a trusted friend or colleague who will support you and be honest enough to keep you accountable over the long haul. You could return the favor for her/him. Or you could work with a coach. I know a couple of coaches if you need a referral. Wink-wink.

(Seriously if you are interested in Coaching I would be happy to talk with you, and I would also be happy to make referrals if I am not a good fit for you.)


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