Fusion Energy: Good for the Soul?

Fusion energy- the result of two positively charged elements combined into a single element. It is what powers the sun, and the stars.  What about the same principle holding true for people and human systems? When the positive stuff within each of us fuses with the other positive stuff, instead of bouncing around as seemingly unrelated aspects or attributes.

Our joy in life connects with the work we do to earn a living. Going to work is not a drag.  Our values meld with how we choice to spend our free time. We do that things we enjoy for both pleasure, as well as those things that other might call altruistic. Innate strengths couple with talents. And we discover a new professional path to follow. Health in one area of life connects with health in others, resulting in greater well-being. That is a magnificent experience to have the good stuff fusing away as a wellspring of energy and action.

A client of mine, Debbie,  a small business owner, wife and mother of two, described her experience like this. “I am both grounded and energized. My presence at work and home is thoughtful and active. I am able to be reactive to life but not scattered. My business is moving into a new phase which I am excited about.” She dug for the good stuff in herself and her life, and used that to make decisions about where to focus her business energies, which freed her up to be more present with her sons and husband. She actively decided what she would let go of and what to say ye to. When the road a head was riddled with doubt she returned to the core of these positives to keep a grip and perspective.

Here are two ways that can help you dig for the good stuff.

  • Write yourself a letter respond to the following statements. 1) Tell me about a high point in your life when you felt most alive and really proud. 2) Without being modest, what do you value most of about you contributions to work, home, and/or your community? 3) When are you at your best?
  • Ask 5-10 people from different aspects of your life, (friends, colleagues, family, clients…) to tell you about: 1) a unique or fun experience they have had with you; and 2) your top five traits or quirks. Be brave and ask them to be brave, you’ll get some warm and delightful responses. I know because I did this myself.

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