The Importance of Space and Transformation

Over the past couple of months we have been settling into a new home and workspaces. As we unpack boxes, consider what to put the furniture and photos, what area might become a reading space, I am reminded how important and grounding it is to create welcoming and purposeful spaces. Regardless how great the volume of space with which you are working.  This is less about having a distinct room for everything in your life. Rather for me, it is a notion more about creating discrete, functional and beautiful spaces for you and your living. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and how you live need not be right for anyone but you.

Just a week or so ago my office was finally repainted after my grousing and considering what colors to use. And now the entire sense of the space has transformed, with just robin’s egg and garden green paint, nothing more. The light is brighter. The wood of my desk is more warm to my eye. The slate floor (I was luck enough to have that come with the space) is a cool pond under the area rug. There is a quite generative sense for me as I walk into it.  I know I am doing better work in it. I am inspired to offer my best work to my clients and colleagues.  During some tense meetings felt a deeper sense of calm than just a week before when the walls were brown (A fine color but not for my working space). Why did I wait so many weeks to just get it done?

So the lesson reenforced for me is take the time to create welcoming and purposeful spaces, but don’t take too long thinking about it. The transformation happens in the doing. And it can be redone again in time.

Is there a space you are looking to transform? Or perhaps a piece of furniture that is calling for a fresh look?  Don’t follow my lead and wait too long- grab your ideas, put them into play and transform.

Here are a few places you might find inspiration and ideas…


Style Court


Pad Style


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