7 Tips to Getting to Your Goals

There are lots and lots and lots of tips, guidelines, programs and methods to achieve your goals. Here are 7 tips that I just keep coming back to when I need to get something off the ground and get my end goal. These have never steered me wrong.

  1. Just start. It does not matter where you are in relation to where you want to be professionally or personally, what matters is to begin closing the distance between the two. In action gets you nowhere. So make good use of the fuel that is you inspiration and take some step. Small is fine.
  2. You know more than you think you do. Trust in yourself. What you don’t know you can learn. People don’t lose their capacity to learn except in extreme circumstances and if you are reading this you are not in one of those.
  3. Timing is everything. You know when you are at your best energy if you can organizing you tasks by the type of energy you need do it.
  4. Put yourself out there and get others involved in what you are doing. No one is an island. You are uniquely you and that is enough to be. Some folks with respond to what you are doing and others will not and that gives you more information and resources with which to work.
  5. Trial and correction. When something does not work out, own up to that fact, take what lesson you can from the experience, use this information to adjust. The same holds true when something does work, own up to that fact, take what lessons you can from the experience and use them to adjust the time around.
  6. Keep it simple and concise. Focus on what is at the heart of you are trying to do. Make your bench marker and goals elegant, achievable with stretch required.
  7. Rule # 6*: Don’t take yourself so seriously, that you can’t laugh and learn. Life is challenging enough, allow for levity and perspective.

These tips won’t make things always easy, but they have always served me and my clients well.

*(The Art of Possibility, by Stone Zander & Zander)


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