Make a Reservation and Dine Out for the Gulf Coast

The disaterous oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico is on a unfathomable scale and its impact of it is massive. All along the coast people, wild life, and the environment are baering the brunt of the awful consequences of this mind boggling (for oh so many reasons) mess. It is enough to make you wonder what the heck can I do. Here is one tasty option… Dine Out for the Gulf Coast on June 10-12, 2010, at participating restaurants throughout the United States (San Francisco to Marshall, MN, to Iowa City, to Chicago and more) will set aside a portion of profits to help those directly affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and to support the long-term restoration of the treasured coast.

The short-term goal of The Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund, administered by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, is to make emergency grants to nonprofit organizations helping the victims of the oil spill. The long-term goal of the fund is to address the long-term economic, environmental, cultural effects of the disaster, and strengthen coastal communities against future environmental catastrophes by investing in solutions. No administrative fees will be charged to the fund: all funds will be re-granted to the communities in need.

Thank you!! Jimmy Galle, owner of Sausalito, CA, based Gulfish for organizing this effort.


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