6 Elements of Personal Wellness

Wellness is an individual constellation of proactive health giving elements that span the physical, emotional and spiritual arenas of your life, resulting in a comprehensive state of well-being, high life satisfaction, as well as a sense of purpose in and connection to life.

Self-care: a regular routine that supports your best energy. Often this routine combines physical, emotional and creative aspects, such as a client of mine who’s routine includes the following: walking 3 miles with her dog at least one a day regardless of the weather; keeping Saturday afternoons sacred for her knitting time to support her creative and emotional sides; 3-4 nights a week cooking healthy meals that provide leftovers, helping to ensure she’ll fuel her self and family with the “good stuff” and a spiritual practice she lives out daily.

Environment: designing environments, physical and otherwise, at home work and play, which nurture your best self. At home this translates into it serving as space where you can recharge and be inspired to be your most honest and true self.  At work or school this means crafting your space to enhance your abilities and nurture your continued growth. At play this means room to cultivate that other stuff that feeds your soul:  your creativity, your athletic interests, and your aesthetic pursuits. While many of us might not be able to afford the home or office of our dreams, we can infuse a sense of personalization.

Relationships: connecting to yourself and others in relationships that support your best intentions. Keep the ratio of personality energies your life skewed toward the positive rather than the negative. When you are able to do so more often then not you’ll be able to preserve a positive outlook, your best presence and energy, even in the midst of chaos.

Thoughts: adopting attitudes and self talk (you know we all have that inner voice that keeps a running monologue, might as well make it work for you) that support your most deeply held values, so that your best presence is upfront and center.

Time: managing your energy through each day over time to support your highest priorities. Unfortunately the world does not run on your time alone and we all have the same number of hours in a day and so very many of us have multiples of tasks that all declare themselves to be priorities-whether they truly are or not.  Nor do many of us have minions to do our bidding. So what to do? Task management supports your ability to achieve what really needs to be done. Most of us don’t multitask as well as we imagine we do. Focus on what is most crucial to get done in a day, do it well. And if there is room to done more – hurrah that’s a bonus.

Finances: handling money and building reserves to support your ability to give and receive freely.  Money is a tool; a nice tool, but a tool, which does little on it own. Tools can be wonderful to have at your disposal and that is key to have at your disposal. It also means knowing when and how to best used them so they serve your long-term interests and needs.


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