Keep It Moving: I think I can, I think I can…

After starting on a new venture be it a weight loss program, completing professional certification requirements or a home improvement project there comes a time when keeping up the effort to get to the end goal is hard. We get distracted with other obligations in life, the siren call of old habits catch our attention. Change is challenging and a process. So how to keep it moving?

Here are a 4 tips to help you feed your motivation and keep moving forward.

Impact: What do you notice changing? The small changes add up overtime and provide a solid foundation for sustaining desirable change.

Follow through: How do you celebrate your successes?  What you appreciates, appreciates. Start celebrating all your wins, big and small. Writing down a list of week wins is an easy, fast way to do this.

Rhythm: What timing naturally works best for you? As you being to focus more purposely on when change happens for you and how you’ll naturally fall into a rhythm that works best for you.

More: What is it time to invite into life/work now? What is it time to leave behind? Your abilities and boundaries grow as you change; consider these two questions to help further your journey.


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