Motivation Checklist

Getting motivated, whether you are inspired to do something new, to go after a big goal, or to make a change an existing exercise routine can be a fleeting sensation. Capturing the quicksilver of the initial charge of emotion and determination is near impossible for many folks. It fades and can be difficult to summon along the path of change and growth. There are some things though you can set down for yourself to return to, again and again as you jog, amble, stumble, walk, run and/or skip along your path.

My suggestion is to think of these things as a sort of checklist. Reflect on each before you set out on your path. Write down your thoughts and reflections. Putting pen to paper helps to clarify why something is important and has the added bonus on helping to imbed both your mind and body with memory. Share these insights with a family member or friend, someone who you can turn along the journey to celebrate your wins and help you move past your challenges.

Your Vision: What do you want more of in you life, wellbeing, business, etc? Paint your self a detailed compelling picture in words, as if you were revealing something precious to a close confidant.

Importance: Why in the deepest part of you, the marrow of your bones, is this vision important to you? This is the heart of what will keep you motivated over the long haul. Dig deep and be real and truthful to yourself here. What makes something deeply compelling to you may not be, need not the same thing as for others.

Elements most alive: What about your vision, this goal you are setting out o achieve is most exciting to you? Most interesting to you?

Resources: The strengths you have available to you including your innate skills, talents, your values, your support network, people, places and entities you can connect to, which can help you along your path. Do you have all you need? What else might you need and where/who can you turn to for this?

Challenges: What might prove to be difficult for you? Be realistic, so that you can know where some extra energy or support might be needed to help you be successful in reaching your destination.

Strategies: What will you do to make the most of your resources to move toward your vision and address challenges along your path?


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