Disaster hits close to home

We live in central Mississippi where spring often brings tremendous rains, storms full of howling wind, hail lashing rain and some time tornados. Last weekend we had such a storm drag its fury across the State. An F-4, 1.75 mile wide tornado swept, sucked and pulled itself nearly 200 miles across the state.  Leaving scores and scores of flatten, and wrenched buildings, homes, churches, business, humble and grand.  People are devastated. Lives have been lost and it astounds me that with the 175 mile per hour winds that sheared trees in half, thirds and ripped roots up from the ground there were not more lives lost, or people injured. The destruction is jaw-dropping.

My husband and I both saw the vast damage that Hurricane Katrina wrought along the Gulf coast and the unimaginable impact of the combined forces of Hurricane Katrina with the broken levees in New Orleans. The damage in Yazoo City and other locations in Mississippi ranks with the damage we saw in the late summer of 2005. We have also seen the resilience and steady, if painfully slow at times rebuilding of people’s lives, physically and emotionally.  We have seen the generous nature of others not directly impacted by a disaster, natural of otherwise.

For images, stories and more information about the tornado…just click here.

If you are wondering how you could lend a hand, please consider making a donation to the Central Mississippi Red Cross. I know that money is tight for so many of us, but if you can make a donation of any size that will go a long way to helping people rebuild their lives in both the short and long term.


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